Picking an Insurance Company

Picking an insurance company in Canada depends on a variety of factors. Each province has its own set of laws and regulations that concern the type of insurance coverage motorists need to legally operate vehicles. Once you get past the minimums, you have a lot of flexibility as to which options you can go with.

How to Choose Insurance Companies in Canada

Ideally, you get a few quotes with different levels of service from each Canadian insurance company. Picking an insurance company doesn’t require simply going with the least expensive option and calling it good. Your monthly premiums are determined through many factors, such as your location, the crime rate of your neighbourhood, accident statistics in the area, and other points of data that calculate what type of a claim risk you are. Insurance companies like drivers who are likely to not have to make claims often, so a clean driving record and living in safer areas helps to bring your premium down.
Look at the type of customer service that your insurance company has to offer as well. You want to look for options that give you plenty of payment options, including easy online payments, customer service that is easily reachable, and a simple claims process. Some insurance companies have phone applications that let you send pictures of the accident and dispatch emergency services to the scene of the accident, so you don’t have to jump through complicated hoops to contact your insurance company and get the claims process started.
Generally, the liability portion of your coverage takes care of any financial obligation you have to the other driver involved in the accident. If you are dealing with property damage to your car that is the result of vandalism or you want to have your own car repair coverage, comprehensive and collision insurance options give you the ability to make your claim for these through your insurance company instead of having the other insurance company deal with it.