I’ve lived in Canada my entire life, and I’m always pleased to see more of this stunning country. Road trips are my way of getting from point A to point B, since flying doesn’t let you enjoy the many stunning vistas that await you in the small towns and large roadways.
I’m an insurance agent by trade, so another thing that I always keep in mind are the specific auto insurance laws that govern each Canadian province. The minimum requirements for each province is important to keep in mind when you’re travelling since you don’t want to run into any issues with proper insurance coverage if you get into an accident while you’re on your road trip.
There are insurance options that have you completely covered no matter what happens to your car, but you don’t get to benefit from those if you don’t know about them. I love helping drivers figure out exactly what they need in order to alleviate worries about financial matters as they’re getting into the great outdoors of Canada for a much needed vacation. This is the field that I’ve dedicated myself to for many years, so it’s great to have that knowledge helping other people out. It’s hard to get unbiased information when you’re shopping around for insurance, but it’s essential to get if you want to make the best insurance decisions for yourself and your family.