How You Can Become A “High-Risk” Driver, And What You Can Do About It

Are you a “high-risk” driver? This designation often goes to drivers who are more likely to cause auto accidents or those with a history of doing so. This title limits your insurance option, and places that do offer you insurance often do so at an absurd premium. But don’t fret; there are options out there, even for high-risk drivers.

Becoming a High-Risk Driver

Usually, you can become high-risk if you meet one or more of the following conditions.

  • You’ve had multiple accidents
  • You have DUI(s)
  • You have multiple tickets or citations
  • You have criminal convictions
  • You’ve had your license suspended
  • You have a history of non-payment of insurance
  • Illnesses that may affect your ability to drive

Different insurance companies have different criteria for what constitutes a high-risk driver. Not all of these things will make you high-risk to all insurance companies. For example, a few tickets may not disqualify you for standard insurance in many provinces. Sometimes, there are things that can start you off in the high-risk category, like being a new driver.

What Being a High-Risk Driver Means for You

The high-risk label makes it very difficult, if not impossible to obtain standard auto insurance coverage. Even if you do find standard coverage, the cost will be far more than normal.

If you do manage to obtain standard coverage, there’s a greater chance that your insurance company will label you high-risk the moment anything happens, even if it’s just receiving a ticket. They will not renew your policy in such a case.

What You Can Do About Being a High-Risk Driver

While all of this may sound like doom and gloom, there are many options available to high-risk drivers.

Shop around – As stated, the things that make you high-risk to one insurance company doesn’t mean it’s high-risk to another. You can still gather all the free quotes you want to gather. There’s always a chance that, even with your record, you can find affordable insurance.

Ask specifically for high-risk coverage – Many insurance companies have policies dedicated to high-risk drivers. These policies are typically higher than standard policies, but can have provisions specific to high-risk drivers. There are even some insurance companies that specialise in high-risk policies.

Speak directly to a broker or agent – Sometimes you can speak directly to an insurance professional about your driving background. Actually speaking to human beings can give you the ability to show them who you are. That in turn can lead to discounts or a more favourable assessment.

Transitioning Back to Low Risk

The high-risk designation isn’t permanent. You can become a low-risk driver again, but it takes diligence. You have to prove that you can keep your record clean and avoid risky situations. You have to prove that you can pay your insurance on time. You have to stay free of trouble until your demerit points and tickets drop from your record.

It may sound like a lot, but really it’s only the things that you’re supposed to do as a responsible driver. In time, you can go from high-risk to low risk and start to save a lot more money on your auto insurance.

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